Respecting me, you, us: building healthy relationships and creating positive cultures

Respecting me, you, us is a CEOP Education resource developed in association with clinical psychologist, Dr. Elly Hanson. Designed for young people aged 12-14, Respecting me, you, us is a set of eight lesson plans and five short situational films.

The resource aims to help young people develop a better understanding of healthy relationships, and how to challenge unhealthy behaviours and social norms, to better protect them from harm through child on child abuse, both off and online.

The resource is designed to be delivered through structured sessions in education settings. In schools, the lesson plans should be embedded into the Relationships and Sex Education curriculum. The lessons can be delivered in consecutive weeks, or separately to fit within a wider scheme of work on healthy, respectful relationships.

Respecting me, you, us has been awarded the PSHE Association Quality Mark, demonstrating that it supports safe and effective teaching practice and meets the PSHE Association’s ‘Key principles of effective PSHE education’.

Respecting me, you, us content

The eight lessons cover the following topics:

  1. My values
  2. Being a positive bystander*
  3. Rights in relationships*
  4. Gender stereotypes*
  5. Listening, understanding and communicating*
  6. Principles of healthy relationships*
  7. Principles of healthy sexual experiences**
  8. Sexual content online

*Five of the lesson plans also include a short film with pause points, these are designed to encourage discussion and application of learning. British sign language (BSL) and subtitled versions of these films are also available for download. 

**This lesson contains a short film from our Send me a pic? resource. 

The first four lesson plans are designed for use with Year 8  or equivalent and the latter four lesson plans are designed for use with Year 9 or equivalent groups.

The lesson activities help young people to: 

  • Become more aware of their positive values and qualities, to build their identity in line with these, and to act accordingly in their relationships with others.
  • Give them the skills to critique and resist societal messages which can work to fuel unhealthy behaviours and child on child abuse.
  • Understand what ethical and healthy relationships and sexual experiences look like, and to apply this understanding in their own lives and relationships.
  • Ensure young people know of services/people to contact if they are in need of support.

The lessons contain:

  • Comprehensive guidance for delivering the lesson safely and effectively in education settings.
  • Diverse scenarios and films with characters in a  range of relationships including LGBTQ+. 
  • Materials such as worksheets and handouts including symbol sheets to support young people with SEND.
  • Alternative, extension and optional homework activities to help professionals to choose the best approach to use with their young people.
  • Links to relevant UK curricula.

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