Our values

The CEOP Education programme is founded on six values to ensure safe, effective and child-centred delivery of online safety education.

Professionals using our resources are expected to commit to these values, and ensure that each value is reflected in their own practice.

  1. Safeguarding first - the safety and wellbeing of each child always comes first.
  2. Approach from the perspective of the child - let children start the conversation. Understand what the online world means to them and explore the positive opportunities it presents, as well as the risks.
  3. Promote dialogue and understanding - young people are safest when they feel listened to and understood - and know that they can ask trusted adults for help when they need it.
  4. Empower and enable children - children have the right to be protected from harm, and to be supported to build knowledge, skills and confidence which will help them identify risk and access support when they need it.
  5. Never frighten or scare-monger - alarmist education can be risky and ineffective. Avoid shocking or scaring young people, their families or other professionals.
  6. Challenge victim blaming attitudes - we all have a responsibility to challenge victim-blaming whenever it arises. CEOP Education helps young people understand that abuse is never the fault of those who have been harmed, and builds their confidence to ask a trusted adult for help when they need it.