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The internet, relationships & you


How to recognise stalking behaviours and where to get support if you’re worried about stalking.

Online sexual harassment

Sexual abuse

Understanding online sexual harassment and how to deal with it.

Sending nudes


Things to consider if someone has asked you for a nude or you've already sent one.

Healthy friendships


  • If I don’t know them I’ll leave and I’ll just have a chat with the people that I already know online

    Julie, 15
  • But in a way, nothing's private, is it, really?

    Rat, 14
  • I do have some [pictures] on my Instagram but I keep my account private so I know who's following

    Aiden, 16
  • If they're a nice person, they'll delete the image and that's it

  • If you can speak to somebody all day [by message] and, like, have deep conversations, funny conversations, you sort of, get attached to someone easier

    Sam, 14

Need more help?

Report it

If you are under 18, report online sexual abuse to one of our Child Protection Advisors at the CEOP Safety Centre.

Report now

If you're over 18, call 101 to speak to your local police. 

In an emergency

If you're ever in immediate harm or danger: 

  • Call the police on 999 straight away
  • Tell an adult you trust who will be able to support you through a difficult time

Talk to someone

Childline logo

Free, confidential support online and over the phone for young people under 19.

Call 0800 1111

The Mix logo

The Mix is a charity that provides free information and support for under 25s.

Use their crisis messenger by texting THEMIX to 85258.

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