The internet, relationships & you: Toolkit for 11-18s

This toolkit helps you to transform our website for 11–18s from a reference tool into an engaging resource. It contains activities suitable for use in schools, youth work and other educational settings.

Supporting young people to explore the information, advice and guidance on our website will help them:

  • Develop confident, healthy approaches to sex, relationships and the internet.
  • Identify any negative behaviour they encounter, and respond with resilience.
  • Know where they can access advice and guidance on these issues, in their own time.
  • Know where to go for help if they ever feel worried or threatened online or in a relationship.

You must familiarise yourself with the content and structure of the website for 11- 18s before delivering any of the activities in this toolkit.

The toolkit includes activities that can be delivered as one off lessons or used as  part of young people’s relationships and sex education. The activities cover both specific topics (such as healthy friendships and nude image sharing) and the independent exploration of the website as a whole.

To help you plan your activities the toolkit contains:

  • Comprehensive guidance for delivering the activities safely and effectively in school and youth work settings.
  • Recommendations on how to make the content suitable for group discussion with two different age groups – young people aged 11-13 or 14+.
  • Alternative and extension activities to help you choose the best approach to use with your young people.

We advise that you also use your professional judgement and knowledge of your young people to decide which activities are suitable for use. 

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