A facilitators guide: helping parents and carers #AskTheAwkward

A facilitators guide: helping parents and carers #AskTheAwkward forms part of #AskTheAwkward, an NCA-CEOP education resource for parents and carers.

#AskTheAwkward has been developed in response to young peoples’ recommendations from our research ‘Digital Romance’ (2017). This research found that digital technologies are an integral part of how young people ‘do’ relationships. Young people told us about their experiences of using online spaces to meet, flirt, start and end relationships. #AskTheAwkward aims to help parents and carers recognise the role of online spaces as young people form and maintain their relationships, and help them to positively support and discuss online relationships with their children.

For more information about #AskTheAwkward, visit: www.thinkuknow.co.uk/parents/ask-the-awkward

Starting conversations with their children about topics such as online relationships and sex can be difficult for many parents and carers and not all will feel confident in using the films and resources. This guide has been created for professionals working with parents and carers, who want to run #AskTheAwkward workshops to support them to explore the topics and build their confidence in starting the conversation. It is intended to give facilitators all of the information they need to carry out these workshops independently.

The facilitators guide includes all the information and guidance required to deliver a 2-2.5 hour workshop involving watching the 3 #AskTheAwkward films, group discussions and activities.