Digital Romance

What is it?

This research project looks at how young people use technology in developing romantic relationships and surviving break ups.

The project was led by Brook, the UK’s leading sexual health and wellbeing charity for under 25s, and the CEOP Command of the NCA. 

The research took place between January and May 2017 and used a mixed methods approach, including an online survey, in-person focus groups and one-to-one interviews.

What the report covers

It looks at how digital technology is used in young people’s sexual and romantic relationship practices, including:

  • Flirting
  • Sending nude or sexual images
  • Communicating in relationships
  • Control, pressure and abuse in relationships
  • Breaking up and the post break-up period

You will also find a summary of young people’s views on current and future education and support strategies. 

Consider these findings when reviewing and developing PSHE and related education.

Who should read it

All professionals working with young people, particularly those working in an education setting.

Consider these findings when developing strategies to support and enable young people to have positive and safe relationships online and offline. 

Where to find it

Download the report here.

You can also share these findings with colleagues and parents and carers using the presentation which can be downloaded alongside the report.