Our new website for young people aged 11-18


What's new?

The new 11-18s website offers information and guidance which is appropriate and relevant to the experiences of young people aged 11-18.

This website replaces our olds sites, previously separated into 11-13s and 14+.

The website offers advice articles and signposts clear ways young people can access help and support across 7 key categories:

  1. Relationships
  2. Socialising online
  3. Nudes
  4. Sex and sexual content online
  5. Sexual abuse
  6. Support
  7. Online safety

Take a look at our new 11-18s website

11-18s website toolkit

To sit alongside the new website, we have updated our 11-18s toolkit to support the use of the website as an effective learning resource for young people. This replaces the ‘Thinkuknow toolkit’, which is no longer available to download.

The toolkit includes activities that can be delivered as one-off lessons or used as part of young people’s relationships and sex education.

The activities cover specific topics (such as healthy friendships and nude image sharing) and the independent exploration of the website. To help you plan, the toolkit contains:

  • Comprehensive guidance for delivering the activities safely and effectively in school and youth work settings.
  • Recommendations on how to make the content suitable for group discussion with two different age groups – young people aged 11-13 or 14+.
  • Alternative and extension activities to help you choose the best approach to use with your young people.

Download the toolkit

Retirement of home activity packs

The #OnlineSafetyAtHome ‘home activity packs’ created to support parents and carers during school closures are no longer available.

We recommend that parents and carers start conversations about online safety using our family activity sheets and #AskTheAwkward resources.

You will still find many of the #OnlineSafetyAtHome activities in our online safety toolkits. We encourage you to use these and our other resources (such as Jessie & Friends, Play Like Share and Send me a pic?) if you work in an education setting.