Tackling Child Sexual Exploitation - Progress Report

Tackling Child Sexual Exploitation Progress Report has been conducted by the Home Office. The report addresses the UK government's current progress against the actions set out in 'Tackling Child Sexual Exploitation' of March 2015. The report outlines the progress made including the introduction of more robust statutory guidance for both Police and Children’s Social Care. The report also highlights an increase in support services for victims of sexual abuse and exploitation. Appropriate training and ‘cultural attitudes’ when dealing with victims of abuse are also discussed in relation to progress made and areas to improve.

The Home Office report outlines three key areas for development:

  • Tackling offending: helping Police to identify and investigate and prosecute offenders.
  • Reducing vulnerability: identify and eliminate the conditions that give offenders the opportunity to commit child sexual abuse.
  • Supporting victims and survivors: enabling access to support services and promoting compassion and respect.

You can view the guidance here.

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