Film (18 minutes) and supporting resources

This film explores issues of emotional and sexual abuse within teenage relationships. Lauren and Sophie each have a new boyfriend, but whilst Sophie and Danny are learning how to respect and care for each other, Lauren finds herself at risk of exploitation and abuse from Marcus and his friends. 14 year-old Chloe is already one of his victims, and her experience helps the audience to see the difference between healthy and unhealthy relationships. The film also shows how Marcus himself is being exploited by older men, thus highlighting how this behaviour can affect boys as well as girls.

Key issues covered

This film examines:

  • How to spot the signs of an abusive relationship
  • Negotiation and honesty within healthy relationships 
  • Grooming, including blackmail and coercion
  • Peer pressure 
  • The law around the age of consent
  • How to seek help, and what happens after a report is made

Target audience

This film is aimed at young people aged 14 and over. It may be suitable for learners 11-13 with appropriate adult support. The film deals with the issue of sexual exploitation and facilitators should follow the guidance on page two of the lesson plan before starting the session.

Learning objectives 

The film helps young people to recognise the signs that their relationship may be putting them at risk.  Learners will be able to recognise forms of exploitative behaviours,  and explore the real motivation behind this behaviour. ‘Exploited’ also describes ways in which young people can seek help and support, as well as giving ideas for ensuring that respect and care for each other are at the heart of their relationships.

Supporting Activities 

There is an accompanying pack of supporting activities and lesson plans available in the download pack.

Suggestions for use with children with special educational needs or disabilities

The straightforward narrative makes the film’s plot easy to follow. Young people with ASD or similar conditions may need support to interpret the emotional implications of the behaviours shown by the characters.

Exploited is available with audio description and subtitles.