Jessie & Friends: online safety education for 4-7s

What is it?

Jessie & Friends is a three-episode animated series which aims to equip 4-7 year olds with the knowledge, skills and confidence they need to help them stay safe from sexual abuse and other risks they may encounter online.

Jessie & Friends follows the adventures of Jessie, Tia and Mo as they begin to navigate the online world. They learn that while the internet can be an exciting place where they can learn and have fun, sometimes they may encounter things online which make them feel worried, scared or sad.

The films are accompanied by a comprehensive resource pack for professionals, with session plans for each episode and guidance on safe and effective delivery. Also available are subtitled versions of the animations, storybooks, and posters for parents/carers and children.

Jessie and Friends has been awarded the PSHE Association Quality Mark, demonstrating that Jessie & Friends supports safe and effective teaching practice and meets the PSHE Association's 'Ten principles of effective PSHE education'. All learning sessions are mapped against the PSHE Association Programme of Study and each relevant UK curriculum, including Relationships & Health Education (England) and Computing curriculums.

What children will learn

The key message for children throughout Jessie and Friends is that if a child ever feels worried about anything that happens online, they should seek help from an adult they trust.

Further learning outcomes include identifying and responding safely to manipulative, pressurising and unhealthy behaviour online, and considering the safety and rights of themselves and other children when sharing content online.

How to use the resource with children

Jessie & Friends can be delivered to classroom-sized groups of children, smaller groups and on a one-to-one basis. The animations should be used in a preventative context, not following an incident online.

Each animation has been created for a different age group:

  • Episode 1 – Watching Videos (4-5 years)
  • Episode 2 – Sharing Pictures (5-6 years)
  • Episode 3 – Playing Games (6-7 years)

The theme and learning outcomes of each film and accompanying resources are informed by the latest research, intelligence from NCA child protection and investigative specialists, input from an expert advisory group and extensive engagement with children, their families, and professionals.

If you intend to use them with other age groups, we ask that professional discretion is used to determine the suitability of the resource for the children you work with. Consider the child's ability, understanding, online experience and use of technology.

How to use the resource with parents/carers

Children learn best when their experience at school is echoed and reinforced at home, and vice versa. Parents and carers play an essential role in the safety of their children online, particularly for this age group. Jessie & Friends provides information and advice to parents and carers to support ongoing conversations with their child about the internet and online safety, as well as practical information on how they can ensure the online spaces they are accessing are as safe as possible.

The storybook for each Jessie & Friends episode can be used both within the classroom and at home.

Additional information for parents and carers about the Jessie & Friends resources can be found at

Asset list

  • Comprehensive Jessie & Friends resource pack, including lesson plans and information for parents/carers - PSHE Association Quality Mark awarded
  • 3 x Jessie & Friends animations (Watching videos; Sharing pictures; Playing games)
  • 3 x Jessie & Friends animations with subtitles
  • 3 x Jessie & Friends storybook (one per episode)
  • 4 x Jessie & Friends posts (audience: parents/carers; 4-5 years, 5-6 years; 6-7 years)
  • 3 x song 'music videos' (one per episode)
  • Song instrumental file

Jessie & Friends with PSHE Quality Mark