4-7s website and guide for parents and carers

What’s new?

Featuring characters and messages from the CEOP Education Jessie & Friends resource, the new 4-7s website helps children to develop the skills and knowledge they need to stay safer when spending time online.

Designed for children to visit with their parents, carers or other supervising adults, users complete ‘badges’ where they help the characters, Jessie, Tia and Mo, to identify when to ‘Tell a Grown Up’ (TAG) in different situations online.

Each badge asks a series of questions, aimed at helping children to recognise worrying or frightening situations online. Answering each question correctly earns a star. When children have answered all the questions in a badge and collected three stars, they will get a certificate to download or print and colour in.

What does the website cover?

The four badges children can play are:

  • Watching Videos
  • Sharing Pictures (6-7 year olds only)
  • Online Gaming (6-7 year olds only)
  • Chatting Online (6-7 year olds only)

The four topics were selected based on feedback from professionals who indicated that education and information on these topics would be most valuable and relevant for the age range.

The content of the website is tailored to the user based on their initial age selection, ensuring that the badges and videos they encounter are all age appropriate, in line with the existing guidance for the Jessie & Friends episodes.

The Jessie & Friends animations are also embedded on the website and there is a ‘Worried about something?’ area containing advice for 4-7 year olds on what they can do if they are worried about something that has happened online.

How the website can be used

The website is designed for 4-7 year olds to use at home alongside their parent or carer.

Download the parents and carers guide for information to share with parents and carers about how to use the website with their children to start conversations about online safety at home.

The website can also be used as a learning tool in education settings alongside a teacher or other responsible member of staff.


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