4-7s website

4-7s website

A fun and interactive website for 4-7 year olds, based on the Jessie & Friends animated series.

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Featuring characters and messages from the CEOP Education Jessie & Friends resource, the new 4-7s website helps children to develop the skills and knowlede they need to help them stay safer when spending time online.

Designed for children to visit at home with their parents and carers, users complete 'badges' where they help the characters, Jessie, Tia and Mo, to identify when to 'Tell a Grown Up' (TAG) in different online situations.

How does it work?

Each badge asks a series of questions, aimed at helping children to recognise worrying or frightening situations online. Answering each question correctly earns a star. When children have answered all the questions in a badge and earned three stars, they will get a certificate to download or print and colour in.

The four badges cover the following topics:

• watching videos

• sharing pictures (6-7 year olds only)

• online gaming (6-7 year olds only)

• chatting online (6-7 year olds only)

The website is divided into sections for 4-5 and 6-7 year olds and features relevant and age appropriate badges and videos for the chosen age bracket.

4-5 year olds will be able to access and play the Watching Videos badge, while 6-7 year olds will be able to play the Sharing PicturesOnline Gaming, and Chatting Online badges, in addition to Watching Videos.

The related Jessie & Friends episodes can be found in the 'Videos' tab on the 4-7s website which you can watch with your child after completing the badges.

The website also has a 'Worried about something?' area containing advice for 4-7 year olds on what they can do if they are worried about something that has happened online.

Using the 4-7s website with your child

Completing the badges and watching the Jessie & Friends episodes together can be a great way to start conversations about online safety with your child.

Our guide for parents and carers provides move information and guidance about how you can use the 4-7s website to support your child in building their resilience and skills. Download a copy here.

Tips and conversation starters:

• Talk about online safety: Ask them if anything online has ever worried or upset them. You could use the examples from the badges to ask if they have experienced anything similar. Use these opportunities to reinforce the key message that if anything ever does worry, scare or upset them online, they should tell a grown up they trust, who will be able to help.

• Explore together: Ask your child to show you their favourite websites and apps that allow them to do the activities referenced in the badges, such as watching videos and gaming. Find out what they do on them, what they like about them, and if there is anythign they don't like.

• Help your child identify adults who can help: Use the 'Tell a Grown Up' messaging as an opportunity to ask your child who they could speak to if something happened online that worried, scared or upset them. Help them to identify adults from different areas of their life such as home and school.

• Be non-judgemental: Explain that if anything online worries, scares or upsets them, that they can tell you and you will help them. You will never blame for anything that happens online and they won't be in trouble.