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Keep your stuff private

  • Take control of who sees your stuff: ask an adult to help you change the Privacy Settings on your accounts.
  • Keep your passwords secret. Never write them down or tell any of your friends. If you think someone has found out your password, change it.
  • Make sure apps, games and websites don’t tell other people your location. Ask an adult to help you switch off the location setting on your phone, tablet or computer.

Sam says..

Sam says..

Megan saw my password and used my account to post mean messages about Ellie and Alfie. As soon as I found out, I changed my password and made sure that I kept my new one top secret. I also deleted the mean messages, and told a teacher what Megan did.

logo worried about something

Whatever has happened, it's not your fault. Get help by telling an adult you trust, like a teacher or a family member.