CEOP Summer Challenge

6 weeks of fun challenges to complete with your child, helping them to be safer online

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Having regular, balanced conversations with your children about being online can help them to be safer. These conversations can help build their knowledge, skills and confidence to identify when something isn't right online, and increase the likelihood of them turning to you for help. 

These conversations don't need to be a big, sit-down talk. CEOP Summer Challenge helps you to start a little and often approach, using fun, short challenges to help you. 

Each week, pick one (or more if you like) challenge best suited to your child:

Week 1 challenges 

Week 2 challenges 

Week 3 challenges

Week 4 challenges 

Week 5 challenges

Week 6 challenges


Did you take part in CEOP Summer Challenge? Don't forget to download a certificate of participation 



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