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Planning to talk to your child about sex, relationships and their lives online can be tricky. Find lots of advice about these complex areas here.

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  • Advice Is your child ready for social media?

    Children love to socialise and as they get older, they will want to stay in touch with their friends online. In this article, we look at how you can help them make those first steps into social media a positive experience.

  • Responding to issues Reporting to social media sites

    Support your child to know how and when to report to a social media site

  • Advice Teens and the sexual content on social media

    While social media offers opportunities for young people to stay connected, sexual content may impact on their understanding of sex and relationships.

  • Advice Being social online: what parents and carers need to know

    Whether playing games, sharing pics or live streaming, children love to use their time online to have fun, play and socialise. Here’s our guide on how you can support your child to be safer whilst enjoying online activities.

  • Advice What is a digital footprint?

    A footprint can leave a lasting impression, much like the information we post online. Read our top tips on making sure your child's online reputation is just as good as their offline one.

  • Activity Home Safety Activities

    Support your children and enjoy being safer online as a family, using our home activity sheets and films on a range of online safety topics.