Worried about your child, sex and relationships?

It's normal for young people to be curious about sex and relationships. As parents and carers there may be occasions when you are concerned about how your child is exploring this – for example if you think they may be sharing nude images of themselves online. Whether you are worried that your child is in a harmful relationship, or that they are making themselves vulnerable, this section is for you.

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Your child and their online relationships

For most young people the internet is a vital part of their social life, a way to keep in touch with friends and make new ones. This can be especially helpful for anyone who finds it difficult to meet people face-to face, such as children with Autism or other difficulties . However it is possible that such online contact can become unhealthy or even abusive.

This site shows you how to help your child form positive relationships, both online and in the real world. You can also find out how to manage the way you share information about your family so your child learns about the importance of respecting the privacy and dignity of other people.

There is also specific advice to adoptive or foster parents, whose children can need particular help in managing online contact with their birth families.

Unhealthy relationships

If young people get their information about sex online, they run the risk of picking up some damaging ideas which can affect their real life relationships. They may also be vulnerable to attracting unwanted and dangerous attention from people seeking to exploit a child

You will find information here about how to recognise the signs that your child may be in a tricky situation, and how to help them make positive decisions. There’s also guidance on how to seek help and how to report problems.

Harmful and risky behaviour

Taking risks and learning from mistakes is an important part of growing up. However, it’s important to know when a child’s behaviour might be harming themselves or others around them. This site contains advice to help you recognise harmful sexual behaviour and to challenge it.