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I love watching videos! Let's work together to collect your Watching Videos Badge!

Can you help me Tell A Grown up if a video makes me feel worried, scared or sad?

To do this click the TAG button.

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You should press TAG if Jessie, Tia or Mo see something online that makes them feel worried, scared or sad.

Well done!

You have completed your Watching Videos Badge!

Grown ups:

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Press thumbs up to collect your Watching Videos certificate.

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Press the printer to download a blank certificate you can print for your child to colour in themselves.

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Watching videos can be fun, but always Tell A Grown up if something you watch makes you feel worried, scared or sad.

Watch Jessie & Friends

Episode 1 - Watching Videos

Grown ups, click here for advice on how to talk to your child about this episode (opens in new window).

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