Send me a pic?

Send me a pic? is currently unavailable for download, whilst a randomised control trial is carried out.

Send me a pic? is an education resource that aims to develop young people’s knowledge and awareness of what nude image based abuse is, its impacts on victims/survivors, and appropriate strategies to respond to these situations.

The National Centre for Social Research (NatCen) has been asked to carry out research to evaluate the effectiveness of Send me a pic? (SMaP). 

The research takes the form of a randomised control trial, which is the most robust way to work out if a programme of education has an impact. Schools who have never used the SMaP resource before, will be recruited and randomly assigned to one of two groups:

  • either to receive and deliver the SMaP education resource (as part of the ‘treatment’ group).
  • or to deliver ‘business as usual’ RSE lessons (as part of the ‘control’ group).

While this research is being carried out, the SMaP resources will be unavailable to download. 

Alternatives to Send me a pic?

  • Respecting, me, you, us: building healthy relationships and creating positive cultures. A series of eight lessons and five short situational films which aim to help 12 to 14 year olds to develop a better understanding of healthy relationships and how to challenge unhealthy behaviours and social norms. This resource covers values and rights, being a positive bystander, gender stereotypes and the principles of healthy relationships and healthy sexual relationships. Lessons on 'Principles of healthy sexual experiences' and 'Sexual content online' can be used to explore nude image sharing scenarios. 
  • The internet, relationships & youToolkit for 11 to 18s. This toolkit helps you to transform our website for 11 to 18s from a reference tool into an engaging resource. It contains activities that can be delivered as one off lessons or as part of young people’s relationships and sex education, including two activities looking at nude image sharing. Pages 22-35 of the toolkit contain activities on sending nudes and non-consensual nude image sharing. 

If you have previously downloaded Send me a pic? and need a copy of the resources please email us at